Twitter videos: How to conduct an interview

Being a widely known web business seemingly comes under the list of ‘difficult things to produce’ . Is it possible to express information without irritating the web network and must I really have to follow lots of consumers I couldn’t care less about ? Well actually, maybe not , but using net systems such as Twitter is basically essential . You needn’t start following account owners who don’t care about what you’re tweeting , mindfully select your target audience . It’s pointless having such a significant database of users if they aren’t being attentive, so ensure you’re following beneficial people .

So I’ll bet you’re now asking yourself how exactly you get so many followers in the first place. Really there isn’t a fixed method in how to create Twitter followers . Check out this at this Lambda films video blog I found entitled Twitter videos: How to promote your content, they are a  web production corporation based in the heart of Norfolk. It looks at using online mediums to market businesses , mainly considering Twitter. It’s right that there’s no definite way of doing these things , but these tips will certainly help.

One way to start creating your web exposure is to identify influencers. An influencer is a person or business on twitter with a devoted and successfully built following . Making an influential relationship is likely to benefit in a retweet of something related or mention a mention in a post , and this will be shown to many viable followers . Definitely don’t constantly bombard your influencer with a stream of posts , this will not help you achieve followers . Anything related that you can devote to in their feed , it may result in a precious conversation .

It’s easy to forget that you have followers once they are there , and you need to keep them there . So that you can keep up your following , it’s a great thought to generate consistent and related posts . See the trending topics , so that you’re current with what’s going on on Twitter . Obviously , not every trend is going to be appropriate to your company , that is unless your business involves the marketing of One Direction , but it can’t hurt to look at them . Adding hashtags for accessibility is very beneficial , relevant hash tags pull in a lot more attention . Hashtags are tools , use them .

Make use of Twitter and other social networking as a promotional device , your company will be genuinely inspired . They are a simple communicative domain between you , your customers , clients and even other businesses . It is fundamental for businesses to jump on the online platform . So jump on , grab a microphone and sell your business ideas .

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How to conduct an interview

Conducting a successful interview is difficult. It’s smashing that you’ve been given the to interview a celebrity, . In spite of this, without a little effort, something significant to say and the competency to help your interviewee feel at home, then there won’t be more interviews in the future. So gather round: here’s a couple of things that might prove useful.

What you have to know is that your interviewee is just another person. Yes they may have featured in the new Batman film and yes, they did meet Justin Bieber. Yet what’s not often remembered is that they probably have the same or similar pressures as you. They’ve gotten so drunk they woke up naked in a shed, they once forgot to bring their bag for life to Tesco, they’ve had to run for the bus and they have, at some point in their life, been just as nervous as you. Maybe. Unless you’re interviewing a sponge…

Without doubt, my favourite interview is Mila Kunis talking to Chris Stark from the Scott Mills show. It’s not exactly your standard interview, everything about it should have rendered it a failure, but by getting to know his subject he’s able to realise what sort of conversation his subject would like. If you haven’t seen it yet, then here it is, Stark actually says the words “my mate Dicko…”:

So why does it work? Just for a minute, picture that you’re Mila Kunis, when promoting a new movie, there is going to be interview after interview, and the subject matter is more or less going to be identical. If there’s been ten interviews in one day the same question keeps coming up, then it’s going to be rather boring. It’s obvious in this particular interview that words have been said before they’ve even begun filming, swiftly creating a pleasant interview venue. He comes off rather approachable when he starts by letting his nervousness be known, which motivates supporting thoughts from his subject promoting her to feel less vulnerable to the piercing look of her interviewer, and probably even stimulating more specific feedback.

The general interview is presented as an entertaining discussion rather than just a number of queries – and we’re going to have learnt more about our subject because of it. It so happens that because the interviewer is eager to share his own private , so that the interview isn’t entirely centred around the subject, then his subject is far more prone to answer in greater detail. Would we know that Mila’s favourite colour is purple had Chris not suggested she wore a yellow Watford FC jersey? A vital part of undertaking a effective interview is incorporating personal flourishes, people can’t empathise with a robot.

We might not have learnt much about Mila’s latest film, but we learnt more about our subject and how to get 12 million hits on YouTube. All you need to do is offer your subject a lad bomb.

A fantastic video to watch is this blog from Lambda films, a video production company, entitled How to conduct an interview. It looks at some really basic techniques you can use when interviewing. Simple things such as warming up can make all the difference.

For a bit more in the way of video marketing tips, I recommend this blog.

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Creative Norwich

In the East of England, only just tethered to the rest of the Country by a singular stretch of tedious road, is the city of Norwich. The name, for many, conjures up unflattering assumptions and preconceived notions – most notably aligning Norwich as the land of the rising Partridge. However, what most don’t know is that here undoubtedly a little adrift, Norwich is forming some of the best creative and digital work of the country.

For a ‘sleepy’ city, Norwich harbors so many producers that are leading the way in specific industrial sectors, innovating and pushing boundaries and all without having to face cumbersome and exhausting commutes and rigorous work pressure of bigger cities. For instance not many know that Norwich is home to EPIC Studios, one of the largest production and post production studios outside of London. Fully loaded with state of the art, full HD production and post capabilities, EPIC is prepared to start producing digital shows with some real production quality. The studio has already resurrected geeky nostalgia show Knightmare for YouTube’s Geek Week which included the original cast and local YouTube star Stuart Ashens.

Another hidden gem is FXHOME, a software company that makes professional photo and video editing software that is stirring things up in their sector. More efficient than the big boys such as Adobe and Final Cut, yet responsibly priced for the average amateur filmmaker, FXHOME is hoovering up new and growing markets with an assertive online and YouTube focus. Working hard with YouTube luminaries such as Corridor Digital and Freddie Wong the software company is aligning itself with an amazingly varied and creative market that will stick with the compelling new brand for years to come. It’s also worth observing that FXHOME has its primary markets worldwide and in America yet still manages to find and entice the skills to the small coastal county of Norfolk. For a closer look of the characteristics of the remarkable company, take a look at the promotional video here.

Joining them online and with a digital delivery throughout YouTube and social media platforms is Lambda Films. Lambda is a video production and marketing company that develops productions for businesses that are adapted for an online delivery, a social audience and measurable results. The company, while young, has already produced work for the NHS, St John Ambulance, RG Carter, a number of Universities and offshore companies as well as winning a string of awards for their campaign work. For an insight in to the company and their Norwich roots, take a look at their Video Production Norwich video.

In the mobile field, Proxama are pioneering the exciting NFC technology that makes it possible for mobile devices to connect with every day objects and points of sale. Immensely more elegant and efficient than QR codes, NFC technology is looking to become one of the most game-changing technological innovations in the mobile device arena. Norwich was also the first city in the country to host an NFC hack due to its ties with Proxama. From the hack came many impressive NFC ideas, including Blue Butterfly – a tap-to-wifi company that went on to great things following the event.

This is barely scratching the surface when it comes to innovative and industry leading companies in the small region of Norwich and Norfolk. There are many more that we’ll be looking to uncover in our series of articles about the local business landscape so stay tuned!

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Types of Microphone

In doing my past projects I have hardly ever managed to get the sound adequate as I often think of it as much more of a last minute thing in the pre-production steps. I discovered a video blog called Types of Microphone, on youtube created by a video marketing agency, Lambda Films. It covers the different types of microphones that may be used to pick up sound. Like, bi-directional, cardioid, shotgun and Lavalier microphones. It is crucial to select the right microphone so that you can make the best quality audio, the technical side of sound is something which should be properly thought through, looking at the pros and cons of the different types of microphones, depending on what exactly is being shot.

In pre and post-production steps of a venture generally what is thought of as the most vital aspect is the visual imagery. Focusing on the brainstorming, scripting and storyboarding, getting caught up with this particular aspect of the pre-production and forgetting at times about the preparation and testing that would be needed for audio. Audio is just as crucial as the visual side of things. It would be no use to have incredible visuals and narrative, but then incoherent audio. This would make the whole venture useless, and require it all to be reshot again with higher quality sound, wasting time and money.

I will explain the four types of microphones mentioned in the video blog, beginning with the shotgun microphone, which happens to be the most directional, this means it picks up the sound extremely well at whatever it is directed at, however is far less sensitive to the side and the back of the microphone. This may be seen as both a positive and negative, since it means that they do not pick up surrounding audio, concentrating only on whatever it is pointing at. That makes them good for use on boom poles, which means that they are most commonly used on television and movie sets. Similar to shotgun microphones, cardioid ones pick up audio only from the front nevertheless it is significantly less sensitive when compared with the shotguns microphones, instead which makes them good for live vocals. And as opposed to shotgun microphones, bi-directional models pick up audio equally from both the back and the front. Finally, additionally discuss the Lavalier microphone, this one is the most portable out of the four discussed in the video, as it clips onto the subject, making it great for interviews. They are discrete as they can be clipped onto clothing and concealed, nevertheless they still pick up speech very clearly. They can come either as wireless or wired, both having advantages of their own. Wireless meaning that it makes for even more portability, cable free, while wired microphones mean it is not necessary to mess about and worry about audio channels or batteries. Other key situations to use the Lavalier microphone could be theatre and for public speaking situations.

This blog post has given a brief introduction into the different types of microphones, yet this still demonstrates the worth of planning the audio and ensuring the correct microphone is used to complete the project. Click here if you want to take a look at more blogs and check out the Video Production Norwich promo!

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What is a viral video?

Advertising campaigns are increasingly broadening their reach into the online realm. More often than not, we’re going to see our favourite adverts online before we get the chance to see them on TV. Actually, there are many that everybody’s heard of, the Christmas Coca-cola or John Lewis advert are, Perhaps, a ket indicator that you’ve forgotten to buy a present for your Mother-in-Law. If you needed reminding that is. It’s those two very specific adverts that have the ability to change the mood of their audience instantly, stirring festiveness in the most miserable of people. “It’s only Christmas when the John Lewis advert has been on” is a phrase I’ve heard on numerous occasion , as though Christmas isn’t a set yearly thing that will happen regardless if we see santa swigging a coke on the TV.

More recently I admired was Three’s Twitter trend #DancePonyDance, which corresponded with their advertisement where a pony dances to Fleetwood Mac, If you’re yet to see this fantastic video, then I suggest you take a look:

The most intelligent and engaging part of the advert was its online interactive features, You not only git to witness a pony dance like Michael Jackson, but you had the option to give the video a Bollywood or a hip-hop theme, along with many others, in the “pony mixer”. The online world of social media went berserk.

But these are all videos from major conglomerates, everybody’s heard of John Lewis! Coca-Cola can’t fart without someone finding out. What’s really impressive is when a random individual or a small business produce a video that’s equally, if not more, huge on the internet. /And there are hundreds of them, a firm favourite is still the ‘End of Ze World’ animation.

How does an amateur video such as this escalate so quickly in the internet ranks? What’s the exact formula to produce a viral video? Of course there has to be certain amount of quality in the video, but the bigger question is how it generates views in the first place. It’s easy to see how Three can generate an internationally successful video quite simply, but their market it already there, they’ve already built themselves an audience, all they need to do is put something online for them to watch. But for someone to come out of nowhere, with no ready-made market, and send the internet berserk is quite the achievement.

What I’d like to know is how much is thanks to the content and how much is just sheer chance? While contemplating and YouTubing how exactly I could formulate my own viral video and, through this, global success, I stumbled across What is a viral video, the short video blog from Lambda Films, who are an Video Production Norwich company.

Alright, so it doesn’t exactly rocket my online fame chances, but it provided me with the means to at least give it a try. It does seem as though viral videos are largely to do with the content. Finding something that has the means to be a good viral video is perhaps the hard bit. If you’re very fortunate, you might catch something remarkably rib-shakingly funny completely accidently, But it’s not everyday you see a sneezing panda. If you’re looking for any other web marketing tips then I really recommend this other business marketing blog I came across.

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Pre production checklist

The process of filming is a long one and incorporates considerably more planning and preparation than one may suspect. From my past experience if this is not organised well, a lot may go wrong. In a group there are a lot of thoughts and opinions flying about and if these are not thought through, organised and communicated, the end product will not be a success. When exploring tips to make this pre-production process easier and more efficient for the future, I came across the Pre production checklist made by Video Production Norwich company, Lambda Films. Which outlines three fundamental ways to ease a process that can turn out to be quite stressful otherwise. These included, scripting, storyboarding, and a treatment making the final intentions of the project clear.

Scripting and storyboarding are important in the pre-production of a project, they ensure that there in a vision and plan for when it comes to the filming. They both deal with fundamental features of the filming process. Scripting is important to make sure that all the required material is covered, whether it is a well created script leaving no room of improvisation or bullet pointed topics of conversation. Scripting is not just used for speech but can also be used for movement, to portray a specific message through the gestures of the actor or actress. Scripting and storyboarding are relatively similar, one dealing with the people/person being filmed and the other handling those behind the camera, shooting the action. Storyboarding allows a visual for the various shots that could be used throughout filming, so that everyone included has a clear understanding of exactly what the final product will look like shot by shot, and also so that shooting on the day runs easily.

Looking back at when I started becoming interested in filming and production I did not appreciate the worth of storyboarding until it was far to late – on the day of filming when things got very intense and stressful with the deadline fast approaching. Without a planned storyboard the day was very unorganised and unenjoyable. I have however, learnt from past mistakes and since then have made sure that a well thought through storyboard always features in the pre-production process. It proceeds to grow and progress all the way through the entire planning period to make sure that we are all satisfied with the end result.

As the LAMBDA video says, another significant area of pre-production may be to create a treatment outlining the intention of the project and intentions so everyone included agrees what the final aim is. As I have previously said and cannot stress enough just how vital it is to have everyone on the group on the same page and working together.

Pre-production is important for the coordination of what is going to be filmed and includes several phases that cannot to overlooked (as I learnt). It effects the whole filming process and helps make your life easier in the long run, with efficiency and ease when it comes to shooting.

Further information and advice for pre production planning can be found at this other video marketing blog!

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Pre Production Checklist

The Pre Production Checklist
In all walks of life, I’m awfully unorganised. I never have a fixed location for , be it keys, mobile phone or even the cheese sandwich I’d lost two days ago, (turns out I’d left it in the shed while looking for the dustpan). In fact I recently discovered out my flatmates have made a habit of hanging up my keys whenever they see them somewhere they know I’ll never find – and I’m sure they’re sick and tired of the phrase “can you ring my phone?”.

Don’t get me wrong, I know the vague location of what I’m searching for, I know my keys are in the room, or in the Norwich area somewhere. I just don’t have the organisational mindset or the magic wand to pin-point where exactly.

When I’m editing I often discover I have the same annoyance. In one project I’ll have an extensive list of of unnamed sequences, audio tracks and a bucket-load of footage to struggle with. Finding one short clip will become a ten minute long treasure hunt that only adds to the stresses of video production. What is easily forgotten is that there are very simple techniques that can be used to enhance the production process greatly.

This process commences before you’ve even begun filming, I mean if you begin editing a film that had no proper or methodical terms of planning, then you’re going to get nowhere when it comes to compiling the footage. I recently came across this video blog, titled Pre Production Checklist from Lambda Films, a web video company in Norwich. The video details some simple ways of formulating an idea of what you want your video to look like before you’ve even started shooting it. It basically talks about scripting, storyboarding and keeping your intentions clear through a brief or treatment.

Once you have a basic way of setting up what you’re going to film, it makes the considerable task of going through the footage and beginning to put everything together a lot easier. Then when it comes to editing you just need to take some motivation and sort the clips into relevant bins or folders. sadly this is something I’m yet to learn, only when I’m ripping my hair out through editing based stress do I think “why didn’t I just rename that clip?”. I can only urge that you learn from my production woes and take some time to prepare, beginning with pre-production which will undoubtedly assist you later on. That way you won’t have your flatmates tidying up after you.

Let me know what methods you use to streamline your pre production process in the comments below! If you take a look at this online video blog, it also offers some fantastic advice into online marketing.

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