The Corporate Video

When folks discuss “corporate video”, many of us may call to mind the god awful videos from the 80‘s that were dry, flat, or downright goofy. Now, as I noted earlier, the terms ‘corporate video’ and ‘promotional video’ tends to be utilized interchangeably, and while they are both flexible concepts I’m seeking to create some distinction between them so you are better instructed when figuring out what to film or, trying to understand what your client wants. This article is from Video for Business, an online video production & marketing course.

Broadly, we can define the corporate video as a straight-talking, information based production that humanises the business, introduces the directors, the staff, the facilities, working practices and the company ethos. As we mentioned in Chapter one, this is where your business can tell its story and strive to win over the viewer and assure them that your business is sincere, honorable and deserving of their patronage.

Creatively then, the corporate video tends to be a little more risk-averse depending on your brand style and target audience. A video for an accountancy firm is going to be as professional and assuring as possible, after all, your potential clients will be entrusting a great deal to you. However, if you’re selling extreme bouncy castles then you have a little more adaptability – you are able to sell your company as entertaining, dynamic, perhaps a little bit silly because your clients are buying in to that when they purchase those products from you.

Still, I’d like to console you that your corporate video doesn’t have to be an explosive viral, it really can be as basic as talking heads of your staff intercut with shots of your services and goods. You see, 99% of the time, the corporate video is intended for people who are already on your website. Of course you can stick it on social media and YouTube, but it won’t go viral and it sincerely doesn’t have to.

As a a collection of corporate video examples, take a look at these videos from The University of East Anglia, Masters in Politics, Masters in International Relations & Masters in Public Policy.

If you’ve got prospects on your website then the battle is already half-won. They’re well aware of your company name and hopefully your product or service, now they need to be reassured and motivated to spend their cash with you. Fancy graphics and comedy won’t do that if their questions are unanswered and concerns unmitigated, they’ll simply find someone else. When we come to talk about strategy in Chapter 10, you’ll understand that different types of videos sit in different areas of the online world, and play different roles in your overall online video marketing efforts.

To learn more about video marketing then try Video for Business, an online video marketing course or talk to Lambda Films, a Video Production Norwich company. To put the corporate video in more context, let’s look at its antithesis, the viral video.

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