How to choose a video camera

Buying a video camera is an extremely exciting experience, you just want to buy which ever one is perfect so you are able to get started on filming as soon as possible and having a play around with all the advanced features. In spite of this, it is very important slow down, and take some time exploring all the features and what is perfect for you and your capabilities, simply because owning a camera you do not understand would simply be a nightmare. Selecting your very first camera is difficult and daunting because you have got to attempt to think long term as well, about functions which you might grow into as you develop your skills, and also the type of film-making you will be using it for. There is a lot to think about and a number of choices in the video camera marketplace therefore it is crucial that you explore your options carefully.

I felt that it was necessary that I explored tips on how to make this process much easier, therefore when I actually go shopping for a video camera I understand exactly what fundamental features to consider. I stumbled across this video blog, How To Choose A Video Camera and it was made by a web video production company. It covers five important elements that really have to be considered when going to purchase a video camera.

When looking at video cameras today the majority of would have the ability to create high definition motion pictures, therefore it is important to take into consideration these terms, HD 720 and HD 1080. These numbers are a measurement of the pixels that make up the vertical height of your video. It is important in the quality of the picture, the more pixels a camera has, more information there is and therefore the footage will be of higher definition.

It is also crucial to think about the cameras audio capability, for example, does it have a good microphone built in? Because if not, you may want to also buy a separate one to pick up better audio, this then creates the matter of needing to make sure that the video camera has a microphone jack to plug in an external microphone.

The majority of cameras you will be looking at will be tapeless unless you are looking specifically for one that would require tape instead. However, in most cases HD video cameras will record onto memory cards. Which is very beneficial for a number of reasons, firstly there is less risk of the tape breaking and as a result losing footage. Second of all it also means that there is less noise when recording and finally, the memory cards are reusable, therefore will work out as being cheaper in the long run.

It is important to also take into account how much manual control you will need, consequently effecting the exposure or the brightness of the image, the focus and the depth of field. If you feel comfortable and confident, generally the best results tend to be accomplished through manual control. Usually the more you spend on a camera the more manual control can be achieved.

If you feel that this blog was useful in helping you understand how to choose a video camera then take a look at this blog as well!

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