Creative Norwich

In the East of England, only just tethered to the rest of the Country by a singular stretch of tedious road, is the city of Norwich. The name, for many, conjures up unflattering assumptions and preconceived notions – most notably aligning Norwich as the land of the rising Partridge. However, what most don’t know is that here undoubtedly a little adrift, Norwich is forming some of the best creative and digital work of the country.

For a ‘sleepy’ city, Norwich harbors so many producers that are leading the way in specific industrial sectors, innovating and pushing boundaries and all without having to face cumbersome and exhausting commutes and rigorous work pressure of bigger cities. For instance not many know that Norwich is home to EPIC Studios, one of the largest production and post production studios outside of London. Fully loaded with state of the art, full HD production and post capabilities, EPIC is prepared to start producing digital shows with some real production quality. The studio has already resurrected geeky nostalgia show Knightmare for YouTube’s Geek Week which included the original cast and local YouTube star Stuart Ashens.

Another hidden gem is FXHOME, a software company that makes professional photo and video editing software that is stirring things up in their sector. More efficient than the big boys such as Adobe and Final Cut, yet responsibly priced for the average amateur filmmaker, FXHOME is hoovering up new and growing markets with an assertive online and YouTube focus. Working hard with YouTube luminaries such as Corridor Digital and Freddie Wong the software company is aligning itself with an amazingly varied and creative market that will stick with the compelling new brand for years to come. It’s also worth observing that FXHOME has its primary markets worldwide and in America yet still manages to find and entice the skills to the small coastal county of Norfolk. For a closer look of the characteristics of the remarkable company, take a look at the promotional video here.

Joining them online and with a digital delivery throughout YouTube and social media platforms is Lambda Films. Lambda is a video production and marketing company that develops productions for businesses that are adapted for an online delivery, a social audience and measurable results. The company, while young, has already produced work for the NHS, St John Ambulance, RG Carter, a number of Universities and offshore companies as well as winning a string of awards for their campaign work. For an insight in to the company and their Norwich roots, take a look at their Video Production Norwich video.

In the mobile field, Proxama are pioneering the exciting NFC technology that makes it possible for mobile devices to connect with every day objects and points of sale. Immensely more elegant and efficient than QR codes, NFC technology is looking to become one of the most game-changing technological innovations in the mobile device arena. Norwich was also the first city in the country to host an NFC hack due to its ties with Proxama. From the hack came many impressive NFC ideas, including Blue Butterfly – a tap-to-wifi company that went on to great things following the event.

This is barely scratching the surface when it comes to innovative and industry leading companies in the small region of Norwich and Norfolk. There are many more that we’ll be looking to uncover in our series of articles about the local business landscape so stay tuned!

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