Pre Production Checklist

The Pre Production Checklist
In all walks of life, I’m awfully unorganised. I never have a fixed location for , be it keys, mobile phone or even the cheese sandwich I’d lost two days ago, (turns out I’d left it in the shed while looking for the dustpan). In fact I recently discovered out my flatmates have made a habit of hanging up my keys whenever they see them somewhere they know I’ll never find – and I’m sure they’re sick and tired of the phrase “can you ring my phone?”.

Don’t get me wrong, I know the vague location of what I’m searching for, I know my keys are in the room, or in the Norwich area somewhere. I just don’t have the organisational mindset or the magic wand to pin-point where exactly.

When I’m editing I often discover I have the same annoyance. In one project I’ll have an extensive list of of unnamed sequences, audio tracks and a bucket-load of footage to struggle with. Finding one short clip will become a ten minute long treasure hunt that only adds to the stresses of video production. What is easily forgotten is that there are very simple techniques that can be used to enhance the production process greatly.

This process commences before you’ve even begun filming, I mean if you begin editing a film that had no proper or methodical terms of planning, then you’re going to get nowhere when it comes to compiling the footage. I recently came across this video blog, titled Pre Production Checklist from Lambda Films, a web video company in Norwich. The video details some simple ways of formulating an idea of what you want your video to look like before you’ve even started shooting it. It basically talks about scripting, storyboarding and keeping your intentions clear through a brief or treatment.

Once you have a basic way of setting up what you’re going to film, it makes the considerable task of going through the footage and beginning to put everything together a lot easier. Then when it comes to editing you just need to take some motivation and sort the clips into relevant bins or folders. sadly this is something I’m yet to learn, only when I’m ripping my hair out through editing based stress do I think “why didn’t I just rename that clip?”. I can only urge that you learn from my production woes and take some time to prepare, beginning with pre-production which will undoubtedly assist you later on. That way you won’t have your flatmates tidying up after you.

Let me know what methods you use to streamline your pre production process in the comments below! If you take a look at this online video blog, it also offers some fantastic advice into online marketing.

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